EGPR tailors strategy and services according to specific client needs.

Services include:

We create a strategic blueprint specific to each client. This includes brand analysis and detailed action aimed to achieve our clients’ goals.
The cornerstone of our business, we work directly with media to produce positive, consistent and credible press coverage for our clients.
From establishing the creative idea to building a promotional program from the ground up, we manage budgeting, venue selection, decor, event security and more.
We connect brand products, brand experiences and relevant messaging directly with community leaders who have the ability to influence our clients’ broader target market.
We know what we’re doing at all times but just so you don’t have to wonder, we provide reporting and analysis that includes the visual and measurable results of our work.
We identify and execute the right method to kick-start and build momentum for your product, brand or business.
From content creation, building and communicating directly with a brand’s digital fan base, to strategic ambassador campaigns, we can develop and implement programs that align with our clients’ objectives.
Our grass roots approach to sponsorship is about connecting the right brands and building creative collaborations to strengthen recognition and profile.